Episode 93: Funny Games (1997)

This week, it’s a true test of friendship, as Brad makes The Crew watch Michael Henneke’s Funny Games from 1997. This movie was remade by the same director 10 years later, but how does the original hold up? Also, was Tim Roth in Movie 43? That’s a real question. None of us can remember, and we don’t wanna go back and check. LET US KNOW!

Episode 85:
Blood Simple (1984)

This week, The Crew watches the feature film debut from the Coen Brothers: Blood Simple from 1984. Dark, slightly bleak, and showing signs of the Coen Bros weirdness we’ve all come to love, Blood Simple establishes the Coens as masters of genre, but where does it rank according to Coen expert-in-residence, Amy? Tune in to find out!

Episode 84:
Solaris (2002)

This week, The Crew tries their luck with Steven Soderbergh’s remake of Solaris (2002). Can Clooney save this sinking ship? Will the strength of the glorious Soviet Union crush the might of the American remake? Why does Amy tell Brad “You should be ashamed of that one?” All this and more!

Episode 83:
Solaris (1972)

This week, The Crew tries to stay awake for Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris (1972), as we kick off another pairing of reboots. Plus, we finally figure out a way to end all of our episodes! It only took 3 seasons, but we’ve really hit our stride. Also, this episode contains minor spoilers for Episode 12 of Riverdale. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

Episode 77:

They say there’s an episode of BPP that, if you listen to it, The Crew calls you and tells you that you have 7 days to rate and subscribe to this podcast. Are you brave enough to listen to the Ringu episode? Only one way to find out…

Episode 76:
The Departed

This week, The Crew is heading down to Boston, so get your awful accents ready, because it’s time to watch The Depahted! What’s Brad’s beef with Scorcese? Is this Jack Nicholson’s last great role? And what would it take for Amy to leave Matt Damon for Leo? All this and more!

The Bigger Picture Ep 25:
Thanks, Colin Geddes

Colin Geddes was the programmer of TIFF’s Midnight Madness slate for twenty years, but he’s now left the position. As a tiny tribute to the man who’s largely responsible for making the Midnight Madness programme what it is today, we chat about our favourite midnight madness / cult / b-movies. Perhaps inevitably, we end up going on a large tangent about how perfect The Guest is.

Episode 73: Judge Dredd (1995)

This week, The Crew tackles another OG film, with 1995’s “Judge Dredd”. Who knew 96 minutes of Sylvester Stallone teaming up with Rob Schneider could be so lacklustre? Stick around for the end, where Brad pushes all of Dan’s buttons at once, and Amy tries to save the podcast! BONUS: Brad only does, like, 3 Stallone impressions. I’M SHOWING RESTRAINT, GUYS.

Episode 71: La Cage aux Folles

Welcome to Season 3 of Broken Picture Podcast. If you’re a new listener, welcome! If you’ve been with us for a while…umm…welcome! This season, The Crew is looking at classic films and the remakes that spawned from them.

Today, we look at La Cage Aux Folles. This 1983 french film was later made into The Birdcage, which we will discuss next week. Join us as our Quest for the Best and Search for the Worst continues!

Episode 50: Almost Famous
(Quest for the Best)

Welcome to Season 2 of Broken Picture Podcast! If you’re brand new, welcome! If you’re a long-time listener, thanks for sticking around. This season, we turn the camera around and hold the Captain of the ship accountable in our all-new Director’s Series. Kicking things off, The Crew hop on a bus with rock legends Stillwater in Cameron Crowe’s “Almost Famous”.

Episode 49: Furious 7
(Pilot Episode)

This week, it’s a SUPER SPECIAL EPISODE OF BPP! We present to you, our UNRELEASED pilot episode. One year ago, Dan, Amy, and Brad saw Furious 7 and then sat around a microphone and talked about it. Listen as we mumble, grumble, and stumble our way into your hearts

We will back on SEPTEMBER 13TH with an all new theme for our next Quest for the Best and Search for the Worst. Until then, keep watching movies!

Episode 38: The Godfather Part II
(Quest for the Best)

Quest for the Best! Have you ever wondered what Brad and Dan’s awful Al Pacino impressions sound like? Have you ever wanted Amy to give you a great, precise breakdown of the events of The Godfather Part II? Well, this is the episode for you! Join us as the crew digs deep into the Second Greatest Film of All Time* with The Godfather Part II.

*Third greatest according to IMDb.